Thursday, June 20, 2013

To Know Police Bad

    In the World the first Police Organization had known in Roman Empire The first examples of the police force in the modern sense 1800s London marine police emerged towards the years  Police Organizations. London's Metropolitan Police Service, was founded in 1829, next to the fight against crime, preventive policing approach set out in the first police organization.
   However, I want to research about the sociological, to conduct a survey and would like to write a thesis. Such a thesis, reports, documents or a wide-ranging interview, I do not know. But I'll write what I think at the scene of its own, as always.
   In recent years, the police came up journal again with society protest. America Wall Street, London, Istanbul, Taksim Gezi Park, and finally,  Brazil. So why do the police behave in such a harsh or hard to exhibit behaviors and Who wants that? Why do the police use police rubber bullets, electro-shock device except buttons cannon water?  My Detecting presence of human is "Good and Bad"  So, male or female, there are good or bad  within the police. However to know good and bad, do not mean as we have learned from especially American movies "good cop, bad cop" is meaning humanity! Well the police can specify  their  behavior stand-alone or how much wider their initiative or they can eforced all the orders include illegal orders!!!!?
  When we look at the world, the perception of the police is poor. Because  the police is always sent onto citizens, between citizens and the rights, the police is entered.Police is strong because  there are powerful gun baton. The Police is weak because they have  chiefs or elders colleagues!!! In the film industryand TV shows oftenly use Police subject in their screenplay. We do not like the Police intervene to the protest, but desolate the criminal we love Police.This shows that how important is the fact that the police profession and how much is open to criticism.
   It is important because  the attention of police they solve of a criminal or  careless of Police they lose the crininal that's why they open the critism.
    So why the police are  always someone's police? Why is being used, such as  Bodyguard? Why take the initiative and request the police to intervene in his own hard not prevent it? To protect colleagues or not to lose his job? These people are choosing to do justice to the profession to protect the rights of some people to maintain order or to protect the rights of the people more equal?
    Have mentioned above. Good Police, Bad Police. We have to find Good Cop and support them and do not leave alone You can ask: Have you had to pepper spray, or they hit with batons? No. But I fell foul of with the police.Well  trained Police, rescue our life -especially one of my friend-We were lucky, we met with Good Police. Do not I see Bad Police? Yes I saw.Well what we do when we meet Bad Police. We do not lose our beliveness to justice?That we know that there are Good Police
.     As a result, the police can not rejected  to be "bad" like not rejected the justice when know there are Bad Judge or Prosecutor. But we work for right Laws for Police not to use SOMEONE's BODYGUARDS.
Not: Did you watch Copland film which Slyvester Stallone played?

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